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    Rant New season of Miami Ink

    I know that I slagged the first season off but the latest one is cack. I know the format of the show and that they show the the customer several times explaining why they want there design. The producers\director spend very little time time showing the tattooing process. Take last Sunday for example. Garver drew a custom Snake sleeve design that was fucking awesome and the finished product was amazing. They hardly showed any of the tattooing process. They spent more time trying to find out who was pissing all over the floor. As a tattoo enthusiast I think we need to hear the customer rattle on once for 30 seconds about what they want and show a good 5 minutes of them squirming in pain!!

    The only time the producers have got it right was the Hawaii special. Short and sweet chat with the customers and then some good footgae of them being tattooed.

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    Default Re: New season of Miami Ink

    yeh I agree TF. I watch the programme every week and I do like the idea of the artists doing a lot of personalised tattoo's. I can even respect all of their artistic talent (even Darren!). But that whole sanctimonious american shit is annoying. This new series is deffo worse than the others. Because the artists have become stars, they are turning the show into a soap opera. The first show in this series allocated a huge amount of time to Yoji getting kidnapped for his 'initiation'... who gives a fuck? The pissing on the floor thing was also a big show for the cameras. Bullshit if you ask me. I'll still watch it tho just cos Kat's fucking hot, even if she does look like Russel Brand in drag

    BTW My next tattoo will be in memory of my friends'd brother's dead rabbit called henry who had one eye. I will probably cry during the tattoing process, but after it is done the tattoo will have made me a better person and I will thank god that I am alive. I will kiss the flag every day and hope for peace on earth. We will all be one.

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