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    Info Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    Healthy Eating is something that for some comes easy but for many takes a lot of determination. It is far easier to simply go for a McDonalds in your lunch hour than plan ahead and take a pasta dish or some chicken and due to time constraints many simply do not feel that they have time. Some of this however, comes from the lack of knowledge of what they ideally should and shouldn’t be eating.

    First of all to gain weight, you must take in more calories than you expend, to lose weight you must expend more calories than you take in. I put this because since this is the gym section often people want information on how to do the above.
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    Default Carbohydrates


    A mixed bag here, there are some carbs that are good for you and can aid weight loss and general health, there are others, specifically refined carbs (white bread, white pasta, crisps, cereal) which are not good. Carbohydrates provide the body with the fuel it needs for physical activity and for proper organ function. The best sources of carbohydrates - fruits, vegetables, and whole grains - deliver essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. The most common types of carbs are sugars, fibres, and starches. You may have heard talk of simple and complex carbs, with simple being bad and complex being good. Unfortunately this is an over-simplified picture. The better way of deciding whether or not to eat carbs is by using the Glycemic Index (Gi). The Gi figure measures the rate at which the carbs are broken down, the lower the better. There is an easily accessible website at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (maintained by the University of Sydney). This website has more information than can be placed here.

    However, the Gi is not the whole picture since a food could have a high Gi score but only a small amount of carbs within it. Thus, the Glycemic Load is also considered; a way of considering the impact the carbs in a food has (basically, Gi x amount of carbs contained).

    Although this seems complex, the best way it can be simplified is by whenever possible replacing highly-processed foods with low-processed foods. For optimal health, get your grains intact from foods such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole-grain pasta, and other possibly unfamiliar grains like quinoa, whole oats, and bulgur.

    How to add more grain to your diet:

    Start the day with whole grains. If you're partial to hot cereals, try old-fashioned or steel-cut oats. If you're a cold cereal person, look for one that lists whole wheat, oats, barley, or other grain first on the ingredient list.

    Use whole-grain breads for lunch or snacks. Check the label to make sure that whole wheat or other whole grain is the first ingredient listed.

    Bag the potatoes. Instead, try brown rice or even "newer" grains like bulgur, wheat berries, millet, or hulled barley with your dinner.

    Pick up some whole wheat pasta. If the whole-grain products are too chewy for you, look for those that are made with half whole-wheat flour and half white flour.
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    Default Fats


    To simplify, the different types of fats are:
    Saturated fats
    Trans fatty acids
    Polyunsaturated fats
    Monounsaturated fats

    Although too much fat is bad for you, an amount is needed as part of a balanced diet since it is needed for energy production, in the absorption of vitamins A, D, E & K, to make calcium available, for the protection and insulation of your body tissues and cells, the conduction of nerve impulses and in the manufacture of hormones.

    Saturated fats are basically those that are naturally solid at room temperature. Saturated fats (myristic, lauric, and palmitic acids) are the major contributors to high levels of blood cholesterol as they are converted in the liver into LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol which is the substance that clogs arteries. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient for things like nerve conduction and manufacture of hormones - but if you don't consumed enough your liver and adrenal glands will make it. When blood serum levels are out of balance and in the wrong HDL : LDL ratio is when cholesterol causes problems - this is rarely due to just dietary intake, but also influenced by length of time consumed, overall nutrition status, obesity, liver function, stress, smoking, genetic factors, individual metabolism, etc.

    Trans fatty acids are found in all meat and dairy products, and are formed when vegetable or fish oils are hydrogenated (a process used to make liquid oils solid so they can be used for margarine and shortenings). Trans fatty acids not only increase your LDL (bad) cholesterol, but they decrease the HDL (good) cholesterol.

    Polyunsaturated fats comprise the Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic) and Omega 6 (linoleic) fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids (mainly found in fish, flaxseed, linseed, soya and canola) have many health benefits - including thinning the blood and reducing inflammation. Omega 6 fatty acids (found in vegetable and seed oils such as safflower, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin seeds, soya) are essential nutrients, but in too high consumption can cause inflammation. The important thing with the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids is getting the right balance and quality sources. The foods that contain both tend to naturally be in balance.

    Monounsaturated fats are often referred to as the good fats because they reduce LDL and increase HDL cholesterol levels. The main monounsatured fat is oleic acid (Omega 9). Major sources of these are olive oil, canola oil, avocados, nuts and peanuts. Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is a wonderful food source as it is also rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E and various polyphenols. Canola is also good as a source of monounsatured fat plus omega 3 fatty acids.
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    Default Protein


    (N.B. A little information on proteins and their functions is included in the supplements sticky.)
    They are used in general health because the amino acids contained within contribute to growth of cells and organs (including building muscle). There are 8 essential amino acids and 17 non-essential acids, though the non-essential can be formed from the other 8. Thus, in order to be healthy you need all 8 essential amino acids, contained within (but not exclusively) animal sources (meat, dairy, eggs), seafood, soy and quinoa are complete sources (but do vary in availability), and other vegetable sources are incomplete and need to be mixed together to make a complete protein.

    For those doing a lot of weight-lifting egg whites are an excellent source of protein. Quote – Roach-Rampino: The thing with protein powder is that your body needs to break it down before it can absorb the nutrients, where as egg white are in their natural form and do not require this. Personally I take both. It is a fact that egg white protein is the purest form of protein known to man.
    "Six eggs deliver 15 grams of pure protein, there is zero fat or cholesterol and trace carbohydrates. They are 100% bio-available which means that none of the essential amino acids are unused or wasted by your body"
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Default Drinks


    The best thing to drink is water. Drink lots of it and you will feel better. In addition, as a source of calcium, drink semi or skimmed milk. If you drink lots of juice try and limit it due to the amount of sugar and calories contained. Cut out any fizzy drinks as far as possible.
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    Default Alcohol


    A very common question is “I’ve got a beer belly, how can I get rid of it?” It is a fact that all the sit-ups in the world won’t get a six-pack showing through if there is a layer of fat and therefore this needs to be reduced. Alcohol is a massive source of calories and as far as possible needs to be cut down on. If you drink go for something like vodka slim line tonic, white wine, vodka diet coke. If you must drink beer try lighter beers (e.g. Coors Light, Michelob Light etc) but drink less.
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    Default Example Diet

    Example Diet

    Thanks to Roach-Rampino for the below plan ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Try this as a 4, 6 or 8 week programme.

    ALWAYS do an absolute minimum of 20 minutes cardio (bike, running, elliptical trainer, rowing etc.) But it is essential to not do this "flat out". Try to get hold of a heart rate monitor and train at between 65 and 85% of your maximum heart rate, for optimum fat burn. (Take you age from 220 to give you maximum heart rate, optimum fat burn is at between 65 & 85% of this figure, anymore than 85% will burn muscle off).

    Daily diet

    7am Smoothie made from: Porridge (100g) + Whey protein powder (30g) + fruit juice/fresh fruit and or soya milk

    10am 6 egg whites (as an omelette or scrambled) OR small tuna salad

    1pm Meat (turkey, chicken or fish 150g) + rice (70g uncooked) + vegetables or salad

    4pm Protein shake just whey (30g) and water


    Mixed bean salad or tuna (100g) salad OR tuna with rice or potatoes (100g)

    5.30pm Protein shake as above

    Ideally you will be weight training in this period between 5.30pm and your dinner at 8pm. I did around 45 mins-60mins weights and if I had the time (and the energy) another 20mins cardio.

    8pm Meat (turkey, chicken or fish 150g) + vegetables (NO POTATOES, RICE or carbs!!)

    10pm Protein shake but ideally without the fruit or soya (ie NO carbs). I just have whey, water and L-Glutamine powder, it doesn't taste too bad.

    The above diet can be tweaked as the weeks go by. You need to weigh yourself at the same time of the day on Mon, Weds and Friday to see what effect the weekend etc has on your weight. You can have low fat dressings if you really need to break the monotony of the food, salsa is a good one.

    You can have a "cheat day" every 4 to 7 days in which you taken on carbs in the evening. Your body won't be used to it and this will stop your metabolism getting too used to the diet. I recently did this for 6 weeks and lost just under 3/4 stone in body fat. However, I was getting up at 5am and immediately doing 1 hour cardio until 6.10am. Doing your cardio as soon as you get up is good as overnight any food in your stomach will be burnt off and your body will go to "Fat Burn" stage straight away. The cardio is essential for the fat burn and the protein and weight training is to maintain your muscle mass. You can be as strict as you like with it but obviously the stricter you are the better the results. I did struggle at the weekends, as I do like to have a drink on Saturday nights. If you do have something that is off the list, try to do more cardio the next day to compensate. If you do have a cheat day, try to keep it sensible, say a chicken kebab but no pitta or chips for example.

    The great thing about this programme is your learn a lot about your body in terms of the effects food has on your system and body. The main point of this diet is that you keep the food intakes regular (every 3 to 4 hours). Your body works much more efficiently as opposed to someone who says "Oh I'm on a diet, all I had today was a bag of crisps and a piece of toast". By controlling and monitoring your carb, fat and protein intake you can fine tune this diet to give you some serious results.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    Gonna give that a try. What do you mean by uncooked rice?!?!?!!? Be a bit crispy that won't it?
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    The weight pre-cooking i.e. before it's had chance to take in water during cooking and increase.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    aaaaaaah!! now I understand you.

    thanks for clearing that up.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    Where do you get all this info? You a personal trainer or something?
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    No mate, just someone who enjoys training, has done for a number of years and remembers a lot of what he reads.

    Edit: Just to add, the reason I've put all this into stickies is because we were getting lots of questions recurring over and over again. Although most of it is what I've written I've also taken pertinent bits from others already in the section.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    It's all well and good talking a good workout, but do you actually back it up? Give us the low-down on what you can lift and your routine.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    Why? What in the hell is that going to prove? He has a large squatting weight so the information he has very kindly written up on HEALTHY EATING must be correct? Are you saying that if he is, in your opinion physically weak then he can't be correct about healthy eating and supplements?
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexC View Post
    It's all well and good talking a good workout, but do you actually back it up? Give us the low-down on what you can lift and your routine.
    Word to the wise AlexC, this sort of childish attitude and comment isn't constructive or wanted in here.

    The whole of this forum is based on advice, take it...don't take it, that's your choice. But to question a well respected member who has put alot of time and effort into this section especially, in this rude manner is way out of line. Take time to read over the input that Mav has given to Guns Gym. I'm sure if you are an experienced and knowledgeable athlete, you will agree that in light of his contributions, your comment was a bit daft.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    AlexC post a pic of your cock and we can all compare.

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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexC View Post
    It's all well and good talking a good workout, but do you actually back it up? Give us the low-down on what you can lift and your routine.
    The information Mav has posted is very helpfull and informative, and is given as advice only.

    Good advice i might add.

    I know for a fact that Mav spent a lot of time gathering information from his years of experience and knowledge on these stickies to HELP all those members that come on here who look for the answers to the most commonly asked questions to do with diet, supplements and routines.

    I can understand that if your a newbie to training that you may well question the information given, and that is why we only offer experienced advice in Guns Gym, but please note that Mav was unable to put this information up until it was double checked.

    You dont need to know Mavs inside leg measurements to take his good advice, please no more silly questions.

    Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    I am sorry for what I wrote. I just forgot that you are all highly skilled personal trainers and nutrionists. Please accept my sincere apologies.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    No-one in here, certainly not me, claims to be personal trainers or nutritionists or world specialists on anything to do with the gym in the same way that no-one claims to be Mr fucking Universe. If you can do better then do so, we'd all be keen to see what you can come up with. Would you go to the other sections asking similar questions where they've given guidance? You don't need to take any of the advice but don't start a pissing contest when I've given up time to try and help others. Fuck's sake.
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    Default Re: Please read before posting! - Healthy Eating

    Hi Mav, thats a really good read, I just started out at the gym last night after some time in the wilderness, I have taken onboard your advice and wanted to offer my thanks for your time and contribution. cheers