Electronic Security/CCTV/Surveillance 20/10/07

Thread: Electronic Security/CCTV/Surveillance 20/10/07

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    Legal Eagle said:

    Attention Electronic Security/CCTV/Surveillance 20/10/07


    If anyone needs advice or help repairing their Home Alarm System or adding to it or installing a system from scratch, let me know, I have extensive knowledge of the industry/systems and am willing to help wherever possible.


    Legal Eagle
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    P Mack said:

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    Hi legal Eagle
    I am just about to have CCTV and an alarm installed and don't know what system or were to begin. Are the wireless systems reliable or is a wired best?
    Do I have CCTv going through my PC or TV or monitor?
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    Freddy said:

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    Bugger me I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread. I'm moving in a few months and want to rig an alarm primarily and would like to add CCTV.

    Good question P Mack - wired for sure or wireless ok Legal Eagle?

    The wireless ones I looked at don't have door/window sensors? Just motion detectors. Your thoughts please.

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    advisor said:

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    could you please recomend ,witch cctv should i have.
    thank you.
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    P Mack said:

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    what's the best way to install CCTV I like the idea of it going thro my pc but will it slow it down? or what's the downside? You can access your property remotely which is good. but I'm not sure how it works. I just want the simplest most practical system.
    please help
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    Ian54 said:

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    Hi LE.

    This may sound really crazy, but I'm looking into having camera installed in my car.

    Ideally I would like there to be a camera front and rear, that records day and night.

    I would like the images recorded to be stored on either a hard drive system or even a expandable memory SD, 2GB, 4GB.

    Main reasons, are for saftey at night if the car was broken into ( providing they don't steal the memory car ) we'd have a vision of who it was, and secondly for driving. As I work in the insrance industry and I know how much disputed claims can be a ball ache. But if I had video of me driving, it's help thinks either way.

    is this kind of system possible at all ?
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    XBOX4LIFE said:

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    Hi Legal Eagle...
    Bit of advise needed mate
    Left my babies car seat at the top of my drive coz the baby had been sick on it, came back to sort it out an hour or so later but some local scumbag had done off with it...
    What sort of criminal twoks a baby car seat...

    So I plan to set up a couple of external camera's and a HDD recorder to save my pc from running it

    Seen this [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Is it any good or if not can you point me in the right direction ?

    Gonna set up a few traps for the local scum, then send out some invites to the 2008 finger braking party.