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    A simple set of rules.

    No posting of links to copyright material, including Cracks etc.

    This includes links to Rapidshare, Megaupload or any other links of that type. It should also be noted that software should not be offered via the PM route as well.

    This section is for discussions on Software, not warez!!!!!!

    There is are no problems posting links to the software companies websites &/or help forums relating to PC software.... & no this doesn`t mean posting links to Warez sites.

    Please abide by the section rules or you`ll receive an Infraction.

    Thank you.
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    Bumping this sticky as users seem to be taking less and less notice if the rules in this section. If a VIP wishes to post a link to something questionable then use the showtogroups function using 80 as the group. You could also try using the appropriate forum.

    Any future offenders will be infracted resulting in reduced access or a ban in this section.
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