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    This is the introduction section. This is the place to tell all the good members of Digital-Forums a little about you. Things like where you are from, where you work. that sort of thing. Nothing else, like your issues with something you need to come onto DF to fix. The reason we have sections is simply that. If you have a problem, post it in the correct section and the great members on DF will try and help you
    Another rather polite rule is to make your first post for yourself and not add to another new members first post. This is more of a polite thing to do as it can get difficult for members to see who they are talking to.

    One last thing posting, crap like "Hi" "Hello" and leaving it at that isnt clever and usually gets ridiculed and could end up with you being moved to the Hall of Shame or worse.
    Example: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Every section has a set of simple rules that can be found at the top of that section (stickies), have a readup on these if you are not sure about anything. there is usually other stickies in there which cover the most asked questions, and if you cannot find a problem you are looking for then you could try the search button. This is really handy as it could stop you doing a post that someone else has already posted. Double posting (Dupe) can get you sent to the Hall of shame (HOS)

    Issues like DBOX,SAT,Cable,Game Consoles,Mobile Phones,Pc Problems, GPS/SAT NAV ETC ETC. We have sections for this and all other issues, so please use them. Failure to do will will be dealt with depending on your post

    No exceptions accepted , think you know better watch how quick your post gets deleted and you get banned

    Welcome to DF. Have a great stay
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    Default Re: Updated Rules Of Introduce Section

    Simple rule =

    You don't comply then you fly.
    There are 3 types of people in the world - those who make things happen, those who watch things happen; and those who wondered what happened.

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