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    Default Have a read before posting... *Rules*

    This section is not for porn. Please don't use it for identification of some whore you saw in a porn film so don't post pictures of them seeking their names.

    There is a VIP section for porn and any found in here will be moved to that section and the offending poster issued an infraction. The odd amusig thing like Steven Hawking getting a nosh off an amputee or CJ rimming a dolphin is fine where it is posted for amusement as opposed to titillation.

    That is it so be sensible, XXX will earn you trouble.

    Althought all posts should be treated as NSFW, please use the NSFW tag/icon for anything that is offensive and could piss people off at work.

    We draw the line at videos containing the deliberate killing of people, suicide and or harming of animals, any videos getting several complaints will also be deleted.
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