Rules and Guidelines - 07/07/2008

Thread: Rules and Guidelines - 07/07/2008

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    Attention Rules and Guidelines - 07/07/2008

    Welcome to the DF 6 Pack Challenge all, below are a few simple rules to make sure we all get best use of this section.

    When making your own journal, post threads as so;

    Start Date:

    Start Weight:

    Start Pics:
    To avoid spam and crap posts, please dont post on a members Journal unless you are answering a question etc.

    There is a sticky at the top of the section where all talk about the Challenge can be discussed.

    Dont post shitty comments up as they will just be deleted and someone will give you a slap

    If you are participating in this challenge, feel free to post on your journal any questions or problems your having, be it with exercise, diet etc and someone will be on hand to answer them asap.

    Have fun and dont hurt yourselves.

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    Default Re: Rules and Guidlines - 07/07/2008

    Just to add to Spenny's post, we want to see words of encouragement and constructive criticism where needed, no taking the piss out of people