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    Age: 22
    Weight: 9 stone
    Height: 5ft7'
    Body Type: Ectomorph

    Sadly I broke my hand last week, and the doctor said no heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks . So can use this time to start eating big, and do some work on my legs and abs (which I never usually do). In the pic you can see that I'm pretty thin, as having been on holiday, I haven't really eaten much or gone to the gym in 2 weeks, but am generally thin anyhow.

    Going on the lash thurs and fri, so will start on Sat = 26/07/08
    PS: No piss taking about my hair.
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    Nice one,keep us posted.

    Quote Originally Posted by RUDE BOI View Post
    PS: No piss taking about my hair.
    I was going to comment about your heavily coiffured barnet but saw this so didn't
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    Nice hair.

    Well done on starting the journal, and good luck. Very lean.
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    Well, time to get back on track, my hand is feeling much better. And today was my return to the gym for over a month, while I couldn't really lift any heavy weights, it still felt great being back.

    For the last month since I first posted, sad to say but I've done jack shit! Haven't been eating big, haven't done any work to my abs or legs like I said I would. As I found, without being able to do any upper body exercises I had no motivation to do anything, so just been a coach potato for the last month. This changes now...

    Eating Routine:

    Started loading on creatine today 4 x 5grams a day, will do for the next few days, after that will just keeps myself on a maintenance level probably 2 x 2.5grams for about a month.

    Will be on protein shakes as well to keep my protein levels high, probably 1 with breakfast, 1 after my evening workout and 1 before bed.

    Will be trying to eat as much as I can can, hopefully 4 meals a day + 3 shakes.

    Weights Routine:

    Right now I'm only lifting about 1/2 the weight I would usually push, hopefully increasing over this week. I will be doing zero cardio during this bulk up process tho. I will update this thread with my actual routine when I'm back in the swing of things.

    Any advice and tips people can give will be greatly appreciated, and respect goes to everyone that has posted a routine and sticking to it.

    Took a new photo today, I would say that I leaner than before, and lost alot of muscle mass, especially in my arms ( as my gym t-shirt just doesn't fit like it used do) Although strangely I think I look more defined in certain areas, must be because of less fat on me.