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    Which Modchip? ( thanks to 909, original post here:

    Neither Digital Forums or I condone Copyright/Patent/Trademark circumvention. All information is provided on an ad hoc basis as an Educational Tool Only.

    All the mods today offer the same basic features, some work slightly better then others but none offer anything groundbreaking yet. The key feature in this current range is the ability to update it, Most new chips are now updatable.

    Most of the homebrew style mods are fully upgradable since they are designed to be flashed by the user with a Chip flasher fitted to your PC, If you fit the mod into a socket you can remove the mod from your wii and reflash it in your PC at a later date, should improved code be available. Developments on homebrew chips can sometimes be slow, so don't expect speedy updates if there are problems.

    All mods use the same 5 solder points on the DVD drive and therefore there isnt one thats any easier to fit. A few mods have one additional wire that is used to enablee the chip or enable flashing. Even though the points used when fitting a wii chip are quite large, they are still delicate and can be damaged very easily.

    Some of the later Wii consoles have 3 legs cut from the DVD chip which means using the standard install points will no longer work, however you can use various methods to repair these cut pins, or grind the top of the chip away to expose the 3 connections that have been lost. This makes the install much harder but can be done with practice and patience.

    Wii's bought from about July 07 are likley to be the latest model, known as the D2C and are MUCH harder to chip, at the moment it has its own dedicated chip called the D2Ckey, but other modchips are also soon to be released which promise to be easier to install.

    To check which model you have, enter your serial number into the site below. If your wii was purchased around july 07 time, there is a chance the database could be incorrect, if in any doubt, open the machine and check which model you have before ordering a chip for it.

    Commercial Mods

    Wiinja *now discontinued*
    The first commercial mod available and currently available in 2 versions, the main difference being the deluxe claims to be updatable, at the moment.

    Wiinja V2
    The WiinjaV2 is available as a homebrew mod now and is a very good option if you have the ability to program your own 12F629 pic chips. It offers excellent compatability for wii and GC, including the audio fix which others lack. The only downsides to the wiijaV2 are the lack of region free (easily fixed by patching your ISO before burning) and the chip is not updatable (no updates will ever be officially released either, since the chip is now discontinued)
    Non Swap / Direct Boot
    Boots Own Region WII Backups Directly
    Boots Own Region Gamecube Backups Directly
    Boots Imports Gamecube Backups by SWAP
    D2B Drive Support and Improved Read Method
    Yes,We've AudioFix
    Supports MultiDisc/MultiGames
    Easy Soldering & Remove / 5 Wires
    Support DVD-R and DVD+R (Burn +R on DVDROM Booktype)
    Universal EUROPE/USA/JAPAN Wii Console Supported
    Stealth Mode
    NOT Upgradeable

    Wiinja Deluxe
    a well supported mod but not compatable with the newer D2C chipset. Still a very good option for older machines.
    Non Swap / Direct Boot
    Boots Own Region WII Backups Directly
    Boots Own Region Gamecube Backups Directly
    Boots All NTSC JAP/USA on NTSC WII
    Boots NTSC Backups/Originals on PAL WII Partially
    Boots PAL Backups/Originals on NTSC WII Partially
    Boots Directly Gamecube Original/Backups Imports Partially
    Boots All Gamecube Import Backups by SWAP
    Supports all the WII Versions/Drive currently available
    D2B Drive Support and Improved Read Method (No DRE)
    Yes,We've AudioFix
    Supports MultiDisc/MultiGames
    Easy Soldering & Remove / 6 Wires
    Support DVD-R/DVD+R & DVD+RW/DVD-RW without Booktype
    Universal EUROPE/USA/JAPAN Wii Console Supported
    Hardware DISABLE Option Using Pin3+SW2 (Poweron+Reset)
    Stealth Mode
    Recovery Mode for Bad Upgrade

    Offical Site
    Wiinja Wiki

    Currently the favourite mod for the older shipsets, updates were initially very slow which gained the team behind the chip a lot of disrespect but everythin upto this date seems to work well. Very cheap clone wiikeys can be found and most of the time they work very well, however if you want to make sure you are recieving a genuine chip, make sure theres a little hologram sticker included.

    * Direct boot of wii backups
    * Direct boot of GC backups
    * Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode
    * Supports all currently available console/drive versions
    * Supports D2B chipsets
    * Sophisticated (true) update mechanism via DVD (future proof, expect cool features to come)
    * Direct boot of different NTSC region Wii games/backups on US and JAP consoles
    * Partial support for NTSC region Wii games/backups on PAL consoles
    * Boots different region GC games/backups (partially without swapping)
    * Supports multi-disc games for BOTH Wii and Gamecube
    * Supports DVD-R / true DVD+R and +RW support (no bitsetting required!)
    * Improved readsettings for recordable media
    * Built-in audio fix (LIES!)
    * Supports fullsize 4GB discs for gamecube homebrew
    * Stealth mode
    * 512 byte EEPROM to store configuration
    * Quicksolder interface - no wires required
    * Unique disc backup application via sdcard
    * Compact design, best quality components, rock solid high speed controller
    * Professional ESD packing
    * Recovery mode - Can recover from a bad flash

    Offical site
    Wiikey Wiki

    - The amnufactureres claim : "Very easy to install : It takes less than one minute to solder a CycloWiz mod. Thanks to the quicksolder patterns on the PCB, no wires are required during the installation. Simply align the CycloWiz PCB over the drive PCB and solder the PCB at five different points" In practive the quicksolder pads are badly allighned and can cause many problems for unexperienced fitters. You're still free to use wires instead of quicksolder if you want to. The chip requires the fitting on an external switch for updates, which seems pointless as no other mod needs this to perform the same functions.

    - Stealth even when the mod is enabled: Its advanced stealth mechanism makes the drive act as if it was not patched. When playing backups, the main Wii CPU doesn't receive even one byte of data that would differ from an original disc.

    - Play GC Homebrew and GC Imports

    - GC homebrew code boots directly, like backups. GC imports can be played using a boot disc. (*)

    - Built-in Audiofix (GC games using streaming are working flawlessly, no patch needed): CycloWiz includes code to play correctly games using audio streaming. While all GC mods offer this feature, it was harder to implement on Wii. No patching required.

    - Multi-Disc games support: CycloWiz is totally transparent when it comes to changing discs. GC multi-disc games are working, and if multi-disc Wii games are to be released, they'll work just fine.

    - DVD-R / DVD+R support: Both 8cm and 12cm discs are supported.

    - Optional chip disable wire: Are you paranoid enough so that stealth mode is not good enough for you? Don't worry, using an extra wire you could enable the mod just when you want to, by turning on the Wii while pressing the reset button.

    - Multipurpose LED: CycloWiz LED will help you troubleshoot your installation in case of an installation problem. If it's ON it means that the chip is working, if it flashes it means there is an error, and if it's OFF it means the chip is not powered correctly.

    (*) While adding a swap-free import feature would have been trivial, the chip could be easily detected then. It was decided that beeing stealth was more important, so using a boot disc is required.


    - FULLY UPGRADABLE via dvd.
    - Quicksolder (no wires required)
    - Plays Homebrew (GC format)
    - Play GC Imports (swap needed)
    - Plays Wii CDR/DVD±R
    - Plays GC CDR/DVD±R
    - Built-in Audiofix (no patch needed)
    - Compatible with Multi-Disc
    - Optional chip disable wire
    - Stealth mode.
    - Multi-purpose LED
    - ESD packing.

    Official Site

    minor clean up, the ones in the spoiler below are all discontinued or turned out to be fakes, info is left here for reference.
    An open source modchip, currently not available to buy but its planned to cost just $20 complete with a parallel port flasher. Instructions on how to build your own for $10 are also planned.

    The current features of Wiip are:
    *Actually upgradeable! Device is bundled with an easy to use programming cable.

    *20 MHz AVR microcontroller with 2KB of EEPROM (SMD type)

    *Customizable (via open source code)

    *Boots Wii games (DVD+R / DVD-R media)

    *Boots GC games and homebrew (version 1.1+)

    *On board DIP switch (enable/disable mod, enable/disable stealth)

    *Confirmed! Works on DMS, D2A and D2B chipsets!

    *Supports PAL/JAP/NTSC games! (Using soft mod or boot disk)

    - WII/GC Backup play
    - Supports multi-disc games
    - GC Import play with swap
    - GC Homebrew play
    - GC Audiofix
    - Easy install (Quicksolder or 5 wires)
    - Gold-plated solder pads
    - Thin (0.3mm) PCB
    - Multi-Function LED indicator
    - POST (Power On Self Test)
    - Install Diagnostic and Status
    - Failsafe Update (recover after failed update)
    - Disc Channel (DVD)
    - Photo Channel (requires 1 extra wire)
    - SD Card (requires extra SD connector and 5 wires)
    - Non-volatile configuration storage
    - Optional wire for full chip disable
    - ESD (anti static) packaging
    - RoHS compliant (PbFree)

    Official Site

    This is a decent mod, but is presumed to just be a wiija deluxe clone, so specs are generally the same.
    - Non Swap/Direct Boot for Wii backups
    - Non Swap/Direct Boot for GC backups
    - Non Swap/Direct Boot for Homebrew in GC mode
    - Non Swap/Direct Boot for NTSC region Wii games/backups on US and
    JAP consoles
    - Boots PAL Backups/Originals on NTSC WII consoles (partially
    without swapping)
    - Boots NTSC Backups/Originals on PAL WII consoles (partially
    without swapping)
    - Boots different region GC Games Original/Backups Imports
    (partially without swapping)
    - EUROPE/USA/JAPAN Wii Console Support
    - Double soldering option, 6 wires or Quicksolder (No wires
    - Compatible with all the Wii Console Versions/Drive currently
    - Full D2B Drive Support
    - Built-in audio fix
    - Full support for DVD-R/DVD+R and DVD+RW/DVD-RW without Booktype
    - Supports Multi-Disc/Multigames games for BOTH Wii and Gamecube
    - Recovery Mode for incomplete/Bad Upgrades
    - Stealth mode
    - Firmware fully Upgradable via DVD!

    Now confirmed as being fake

    Now confirmed as being fake

    D2C Chipset Mods

    The latest models of the Wii have a new chipset called D2C, all the above chips do not work on this model.

    From the Wiikey team and is the first chip developed that supports the newer Wiis. The huge downside to this chip is the fact it needs 29 wires to be soldered, instead of the usual 5/6. As this is a much harder install it is recommended for experienced solderers only.

    The D2Ckey is updatable but ONLY via an external flasher, which hasnt been released and requires wires to be soldered to teh UNDERSIDE of the chip which installers are usually using to secure the chip to the wii circuit board, in the event of new copy protection methods on new wii games, it could be very difficult to update this mod.

    More information and install diagrams can be found on the official site:

    A reduced wirecount version of the D2Ckey, currently competing with the wasabi for the lowest wirecount. Now ships with a ribbon so the chip can be updated without reopening the machine and the very latest models have an additional SPI chip to allow update from dvd-r.

    Infectus Argon

    An alternative to the D2Ckey and D2pro, offering the same features but with and same reduced wirecount. Current chips arnt updatable by DVD but the chip ships with a ribbon cable to be routed outside of the Wii casing and if an update is required in future a cheap USB flasher can be bought to do this. The same applies for the older D2Pro chips without the SPI chip installed.

    The wasabi was the first reduced wirecount mod for the D2C mod and currently stands at a 5 wire install the same as the other main competitors really. The wasabi is the first mod to claim to be compatable with the new D2E models of the Wii drive.

    Homebrew Mods

    This is a way to mod your wii using chips and components freely available at shops like Maplins. Alot of the commercial mods above are simply the same components soldered onto neat boards making the job a little easier but if your handy with a soldering iron, the homebrew route is cheap and fun.
    Some homebrew mods below come with instructions to build a small device to plug into your serial port on your PC and with this you can program a pic style chip. This is then soldered into your wii in the same way any other mod would be. You can also find programmers on ebay very cheaply if you dont fancy making your own.

    There is currently NO homebrew solution for the D2C chipset.

    Currently the best option for homebrew is the YAOSM chip, everything else has stopped development so these have been put into the spoiler below for reference only.
    Homebrew project from Cadax, using ATMEGA 8L8 DIP chips. The project comes with instructions to build your own programmer very cheaply.

    * Works with Wii and Gamecube Originals
    * Works with Wii and Gamecube Backups from the same region
    * Works with Gamecube homebrew
    * Probably works with different region software using swap trick
    * Works with DVR+R / DVD-R / DVD+RW (and probably DVD-RW too)
    * Works with DMS / D2A / D2B chipsets
    * Works with both ATmega8L-8 and ATmega8-16 on 3.3V supply

    Known bugs:

    * Stutters on some videos
    * Probably no Gamecube audiofix (no feedback on that yet)

    Not implemented yet:

    * Auto-region patching for Wii / Gamecube
    * Update via DVD

    Official Site

    N3TKaT's project for 12F629 and ATmega8/88 chips.
    Official site

    Open source chip written in C+. Flashable to atmega8 (and others) chips.
    DMS / D2A / D2B Full Support(Raymay/COD3 100%)
    DVD-R 100% Full Support (Dvd+R booktype)
    Own Region Wii game support
    GameCube Backups (Homebrew) region free using gcos

    Official Site

    Wiifree development has now ceased and the wiikey team encourage people interested in this type of mod to go for the yaosm chip instead.
    Programmers for these chips can be found on ebay for just £11 delivered. Search for "JDM Serial Programmer". You can also build your own for just a few pounds.
    The current development seems to have finished now, with the chip at version number 4.50. In its current state it offers excellent Wii compatibility and is region free but its stil lacking the GC audio fix.
    Download the code from this link :
    - Run gamecube originals
    - Run gamecube backups

    - Run Wii originals
    - Run Wii backups
    - Run Wii games from different regions!!
    - Support for DMS, D2A and D2B!!
    - configurable Speedfix
    - Support for alle media: DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW
    - Configuration DVD for setting up your region
    - Support for 12F629, 12F675 and 12F683 chips (the installation for the 12F683 is the same as the 12F629)


    The only real option for homerew at the moment as its the only chip that supports mario galaxy, smashbros brawl, mariokart and the other 'error 001' protected titles.

    The official support site for this mod is a subsection in the forums of the official developer posts there and provides excellent support.

    True region free patcher - thanks to 909 (original post here:
    Another big breakthrough for the wii.


    compat wiki here :

    Download :

    minor update to this thread incase anyone is interested, the current mid June 08 wii firmware update defeats the loophole that the trucha signer works on so any games patched or hacked with this method will stop working after the update.

    Links to Wii covers - thanks to DEC2K and others. Original post here.:

    Generic Wii Label Templates (disk label) (Thanks to Biggy7, original post here:



    Another one from mookyjooky @ (props to him!)


    Fix the 001 error without a new modchip guide (thanks to 909, original post here:
    First you will need to get the main.dol using the trucha signer program, as mentioned here.
    You will also have to reinject the main.dol in the same way.

    Wii Generic Patcher 1.11
    by b@iLLi

    Thanks to:
    - matsuken for the original video patch
    - Waninkoko for Wii Video Mode Changer
    - ReturnerS for the Wii Game Language Patcher


    Before you can use any option you need to load a (main).dol file by
    pressing "Load" and select your desired file.
    After you applied the patches you have to press "Save". Otherwise no
    data will be written!

    Note: Always watch the log output for errors!

    At the moment there are four aspects that can be patched:

    1. The "Error 001" drive chip detection
    2. The console language detection can be overriden (Wii Game Language Patcher)
    3. The video modes can be changed (Wii Video Mode Changer)
    4. The "country strings" or whatever you want to all them can be edited
    (e.g. These are the strings you need to get cooking mama working)

    a) Error 001

    Just hit "Search" and let the program (hopefully) find the drive check.
    After that just hit "Remove 001".
    (The button will display "Restore 001" if the drive check is already disabled.
    Consequently pressing "Restore 001" ENABLES the drive check again!)

    b) Console language detection

    Again just hit search and wait for the search result.
    Just select the game's language from the dropdown list and and press
    "Patch to new language".

    c) Video Modes

    Start by pressing "Search" (again...). Now you have three options:
    You can either use the NTSC-2-PAL or PAL-2-NTSC button (essentially the
    same as the smart patcher from the Wii Video Mode Changer). Both automatically
    patch all video modes to PAL or NTSC (NTSC 480p -> PAL 480p and so on).
    The last option is the "Advanced" button. You will get a list with all
    video modes found in the file. You can edited them individually. Just right
    click on a video mode and a popup menu with all available modes will show up.
    If you checked the "Change all video modes" before the popup menu will change
    all video modes to the selected mode. If you messed up just press cancel and
    all changes are discarded. To apply your changes leave the video mode list by
    pressing "Save".

    d) Country Strings

    Let's start with something new: Press "Search"!
    After that you will see list with the current strings from the file.
    (Of course in the same order as they are in the file).
    To edit one string double click on the string. Keep in mind that these strings
    are always three characters long!

    The WiiP Patch File

    This is my atempt to make the current patches somewhat better arranged.
    The changes applied to a file are saved as readable text in this format:

    Offset: OldData NewData

    Empty lines or lines starting with ":" are ignored.

    Example: NMH NTSC-2-PAL:

    ; #########################################
    ; # WiiP Patch for Wii *.dol executable #
    ; # generated by #
    ; # Wii Generic Patcher 1.10 #
    ; #########################################

    ; ### NTSC-2-PAL ###
    004C4453: 00 14
    004C448F: 02 16
    004C44CB: 08 04
    004C44CE: 01E001E0 02100210
    004C44D8: 01E0 0210

    a) Create a WiiP Patch

    If you want to create a WiiP Patch you just need to apply the patches as usual
    with patcher. Just hit "Save WiiP" instead of "Save" at the end and a .wip
    file will be generated in the same directory as the .dol

    b) Apply a WiiP Patch

    Open the *.dol you want to patch. Press "WiiP Patcher" and a new window will come up.
    Either write/paste a patch into the text field or load a .wip file from disk.
    Then press apply patch (or respectively undo patch if you want to undo).
    Finally you have to hit "Save" again to write the changes to the real file on the harddisk.

    Please note this will not work on Wii's updated to version 3.3 (june 16th update).

    How to Burn Wii Images

    Wii loader compatibility list - thanks to Ganty

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