Sony Viao wont boot from CD

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    DejaVu said:

    Help Sony Viao wont boot from CD

    My mate has handed me his Laptop to fix. It's got a pretty difficult situation to resolve. I'll try to explain the best I can.

    It boots up to Windows XP loading screen. Then bums out just before the logon screen appears. I've tried Last Known Good and Safe Mode with no joy.

    OK. So it needs re-installing or repairing.

    He's giving it to me with the BIOS locked (removed the battery to reset the password). Done that.

    Second, I then set it to 'Optical' to try and load the Recovery CD to re-install it. Sorted.

    Now, when it comes to search for the CD, the drive spins up, but for some reason after a minuteor so, it trys to load XP from the HD again. CD Knackered I thought. OK, next try my copy of XP that loads fine in mine... STILL NO JOY!

    Entered setup to find a 'Boot from USB' option. It doesnt exist. 'Boot From Network' does, but I'm sure I cannot use this option.

    I'm guessing the CD is screwed. But dont know for sure. He ssems to think it worked fine before Windows wouldt load.

    Any suggestions on getting this thing to boot from CD? My PC boots his Sony Recovery CD. The drive in this Viao IS a DVD RW so should be reading these disks fine.

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    sounds like a bit of a weird one mate
    try F11 on the bios screen see if that will load the disk

    or emmm
    what about formatting the hard drive in a desktop and make the HDD boot to dos or some thing then just run the CD drive Setup

    bit of a long shot not sure it will work but not sure what will
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    I had the same thing not so long ago on a laptop, not sure if it was a viao though.. Try holding down the 'c' button during post
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    I've had a few copies of windows that just wouldn't boot. Turned out to be a dodgy few cds (slightly faded from being stored on my window sill). Worked on my desktop, just not on the laptop. Think the lazer on my lappy just wasn't as accurate as the one in my desktop so had trouble reading it. Re-burnt the CD (at a slow speed just to be sure) and all was good.
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    Could be the cd or the drive, can you read the cd in another computer?? if it's a puckka laptop the serial number will get you a replacement CD, try the support website. I've had a couple of Vaio laptops and a desktop and Sony are pretty helpful.
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    Solved it in the end. Took another drive from another Laptop and it booted fine. Restored the system with no problems at all.