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    After I upgraded to firmware 2.2 on my iPhone and re-jailbroke it, I then went about getting it set up for using cracked apps. I usually use the SSH method but after some searching I found a way of patching the MobileInstallation file through Cydia.

    1. Open Cydia and go to Manage>Sources
    2. Click 'Edit', then 'Add'
    3. Add new source:
    4. Goto Manage>Sources>
    5. Install 'miPatch'
    6. iPhone is now patched and ready to use cracked apps.
    Cracked apps can be installed the usual way through iTunes or you can use 'Installous' and 'AppShare' (both can be installed on to your iPhone through Cydia from the source).

    'Installous' is a program to install/manage the cracked .ipa files and 'AppShare' is an application which provides the URLs to download cracked .ipa files directly onto your iPhone (in order to download the files, you need to install the Safari DL Plugin via Cydia).

    More details about the above applications can be found at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I've tried it on a couple of apps and it works fine.
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    yeah use this method all the time on a few diff iphones works perfectly must easier than ssh them
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    there is major problems with folks trying to install appshare at the moment i use hxxp. d/l from there and install through itunes