Nicola won't invite jungle rivals to wedding

Wednesday, November 26 2008, 00:01 GMT
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Nicola McLean has revealed that she has no plans to invite David Van Day and Timmy Mallett to her wedding following recent tension in the I'm A Celebrity camp.

The model will tie the knot with Peterborough United footballer Tom Williams next summer, but she has decided to be selective over the guest list - with only family and close friends receiving invites.

"I'm going to invite some of my friends from the camp," McLean confirmed. "I'd like everyone to come apart from Timmy and David. No way."

Explaining the reasoning behind her decision, McLean added: "Timmy is very ungenuine. He just performs. He's nice to my face and rude when I go for a trial. I've got a fake laugh for every situation but his takes it beyond a level. No-one was born with a laugh like that - it's ridiculous.

"If I invited Timmy to the wedding, I don't think Tom would marry me. As they pronounced us man and wife, he'd just do that stupid laugh."

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