Kilroy: 'I don't like some campmates'

Tuesday, November 25 2008, 00:10 GMT
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Rex Features

Robert Kilroy-Silk has told Dani Behr that he does not like some of his I'm A Celebrity... campmates.

The former talkshow host revealed that any current hostility in the camp is only going to escalate.

"There are people I don't like very much but I try not to rub them up and keep out of their way. It's going to get worse. If I was going to offend someone I would have said you're a such-and-such," he said.

Kilroy also criticised Joe Swash's method of avoiding confrontation, accusing the ex-EastEnders star of having his say and then walking away.

"I said: 'You can't come in and shout at everyone. If it's not between you, don't tell people what to do,'" he told Dani.

"Last night over dinner he made the whole thing worse because he's not actually having an argument. He turned it into a huge thing by just shouting."

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