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    Xbox 360 Hitachi 78K Laser

    Rite guys, after using this console for a bit its just started giving me problems

    i can burn a game and works fine, but the last 2 days they arnt loading, i can put it in one time and it plays till i get a dirty disk error
    then i eject put it back and it says mixed media disk
    then eject and put it back in and i get open tray??

    but im puzzled as my old games are still working fine, i havent got another brand disk to try yet

    does anyone know the model laser for a 78k hitachi??? ive seen some lasers on ebay for under a tenner

    so any thoughts appreciated guys????

    oh and does anyone remember the thread on here where the guy took an old dvd rom apart and it had the SAME laser as in his 360 and he fixed it, i wanna give that a try but cant find the thread.

    cheers guys
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    Unscrew it all mate and look at the laser assembly. On the underside of the laser there will be text moulded into the black plastic which will give you the model of the laser, there are two main types I think one starts with SH but I'm not sure. Then either look in old drives you have sitting about or buy one off ebay. Very easy to replace

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    But DO you reckon is IS the laser tho

    as i said all my older games are loading just fine, i need a fuckin diff brand disk to try