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    I opened an account with ebid after falling out of love with ebay, it seems cheap enough, however there are absolutely no bidders. Is there any one watching this site? Its got 1.7M lots, quite large, so no trade is a bit surprising?
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    It's not got much for sale.

    I searched for a few things I can get on eBay and there is nothing on there, doesen't even have a single iMac listed.
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    Thought I would check it out and my companies webfilters class the site as pr0n lol
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    It used to be better than it is now. Free to list items and you pay for a couple of luxury features. 50 for lifetime free seller account I think. Problem was when it started people sold everything, when Xbox's were pretty new I remember seeing one sell for 20 from a trader who honoured it. But I won some good phones for cheap and the sellers didn't honour... If you get a bargain and the seller doesn't honour you want to go elsewhere. Also there used to be a fair few dubious new members who looked like they were trying a big scam.