Martina: 'Carly looks like my girlfriend'

Saturday, November 29 2008, 00:04 GMT
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Rex Features

Martina Navratilova has told Carly Zucker that she looks like her girlfriend.

Martina said Carly's brown eyes and dark hair put her in mind of her current partner, who she revealed is "sweet and drop dead beautiful".

"I was looking at Carly wondering who she reminds me of and then I realised it was my girlfriend," she said.

Martina then told Nicola McLean that her parents did not react well when she first came out publicly in 1981.

"My dad went crazy. It wasn't happy for a while but we didn't stop talking and he read some books on the subject and he realised that it wasn't anything that I did or he did or anything like that and he was cool with it," she said.

"Mum wasn't happy with some of my choices of partners but I think she just wanted me to be happy."

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