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    I am getting f@cking battered .......

    Help is needed!
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    you want the dugout mate much more help there
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    I have decided to put my 5 tactic sets into 5 category's. So its simple for people to see what they do, and what they don't do. And whilst i have my theory's on what you should use and when, this will allow you to decide, and for you to learn for yourselves which ones of these tactics is going to work best and in what situation.


    High Mentality
    Med/High Creative Freedom
    High Defensive Line
    High Closing Down
    Minimal Marking
    Slow Tempo
    Short Passing
    Low Time wasting


    Aggressive and attacking play should allow you to effectively dominate play, as much as the opposition will allow you. Attacks will be built slowly, and will generally come down the wings. If you are a favourite, then this will probably see your side playing to its potential.


    With a high defensive line slow defenders could be caught out, particularly if the cpu is playing counter attack, use target man run onto ball.
    Sides that park the bus and control possession. Why? Because these sides typically use a deep play maker who simple passes the ball between the back four until he can play a through ball or a rushed clearance. Typically he will wait for a space to appear before launching a pass. Even with the high defensive line and closing down settings, attack can struggle against a side playing this way.


    Very High Mentality
    High Creative Freedom
    Very High Defensive Line
    Very High Closing Down
    Minimal Marking
    Slowest Tempo
    Widest Width
    Shortest Passing
    Lowest Time wasting


    A beefier attack, effective against sides that park the bus from the outset, and will have no intention of attacking the whole game or until they change formation/2nd half arrives/they go 2-0 down. Effective in the final minutes when you need everyone pushing forward.


    Counter attack, losing possession pretty much anywhere on the pitch.


    Mid/High Mentality
    Med Creative Freedom
    Normal Defensive Line
    Normal/High Closing Down
    Defenders Man Mark - Midfield Tight Mark
    Normal Tempo
    Normal Width
    Normal Passing
    Normal Time wasting


    Offering decent protection and decent options in attack. This tactic can defend and attack in equal moderation. Counter attacks can happen but are rare. Still possible to dominate teams with this tactic when used correctly.


    IF wrongly used will see you fail to attack or defend well.
    Can be owned by a play maker if the user does not take the appropriate action.


    Low/Mid Mentality
    Low/Selective Creative Freedom
    Deepish Defensive Line
    Low Closing down
    Man and Tight Marking (Excluding Forwards)
    Quick Tempo
    Narrow Width
    Normal/Direct Passing
    High Tme wasting


    When used correctly is deadly, so effective when the you are the underdog. Draw them onto you, and only close down when the perfect opportunity arrives. Beautiful to watch. Tight defensively. Soaks up pressure.


    You invite pressure, so there will be times when counter attack does not work. Because of the invited pressure, you need to accept that the opposition will have chances, but if you let their play maker play, you will pay for it. Because the midfield tight mark already, just close down, tackle hard and show onto weaker foot for the play maker.

    Shut Up Shop

    Low Mentality
    Low Creative Freedom
    Deep Defensive Line
    Lowest Closing down
    Man and Tight Marking
    Slowest Tempo
    Narrow Width
    Direct Passing
    Highest Tme wasting


    Take some of that you stupid gay unrealistic piece of crap cpu ai i win button. Can lead to counter attack and seal the game goals. Seconds can turn into minutes as clock ticks down.


    Inviting pressure, saying to the cpu, we are not interested in attacking, we are happy to defend out right. Sometimes, the cpu gets lucky and scores.


    I am playing Attack/Any other tactic and the cpu is having all the possession.

    More than likely they are using a play maker or you are using a tactic that is too aggressive for the quality of opponent you are facing, remember match odds go up and down based on a current sides form. To effectively deal with a play maker you must first accept that some play makers are players that you just cannot keep out of a game, if they have technique good first touch etc then they will find a way to keep playing. However, you can stem their output somewhat by using opposition instructions to close them down, tackle hard and show onto weaker foot. If using the attack or control tactics you may also wish to tight mark.

    I am not sure what to pick and when?

    Use this as a rough guide, once you become familiar use you own knowledge to decide what to use and when, i don't know how good your decision of team talks and player abilities are.

    Playing against a side 3 or 4 leagues below you Control
    Clear Favourites Attack
    Very Close Odds Standard
    Underdog Defensive
    Extreme Underdog Shut Up Shop

    I have played a few games but its not working

    You have to give it time to gel. Do you have players still blending into the squad? I would say a bare minimum of 15-20 games for a tactics to gel, even more with certain unsettled sides like Spurs.

    Which type of forward goes where?

    Creative and strong left striker, fast and finisher right striker.

    I am using Standard/Defensive but the opposition just seem to be playing through/around me?

    Use your initiative, pause the game, look at the oppositions player stats? Are they using a midfield play maker, does he has 50 passes attempted, 45 complete, 8 key passes? That is why, take action.

    You chose the wrong team talk, you chose the wrong tactic. Try using Attack to close down more over the pitch (not advisable if the opposition is superior.

    My Strikers are not scoring enough goals?

    Either you strikers are not good enough, or you are not motivating/training them properly. I have two Strikers who are rated as Good championship players in the top 10 goal scorers for the championship using this set.

    Standard does not seem to be working very well?

    Remove tight marking on the player instructions for your midfielder's, and man marking on the full backs.

    from fm forums
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    Cant believe they even mention spurs in there!!! It is so true...

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    you want the dugout mate much more help there
    Will have to dig out my account and have a look

    Im just finding that you really have to tailor your tactics to each match... and TBH that is going to take some of the playability out of the game for me...