XBox360 Video file type?

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    Xbox 360 XBox360 Video file type?

    Been pulling my hair out over this for days.

    I know an external drive attached to my 360 will do this, but I want something I can add to permanently without having to unplug everything all the time (preferably over my network!).

    I've got a few XviD avi's I would like to convert to the proper XBox360 file type that will show a DVD cover as the file preview and perhaps some further details on the film. Connected via Media Player 11 (on XP) at the moment, it displays the first frame of every film (most black rectangles at the moment).

    What is the true XBox360 file type that I should use in order to fill the 'Details' part for each title I have other than it being blank?

    I've read in certain places it could be .MP4 and 'DVD Art' can be embedded into it.

    Is this true? and if so, is there any good convertors that could batch convert all my films?

    Any help on this would be more than hugely appreciated. It would stop me getting any balder for a start!!

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    I think you'll need to convert to WMV. If you have an external hard drive why not just leave it plugged into your PC and set up a new work share and map a drive to it on your PC. Allow that folder in media player and it should work fine. You might need to put a shortcut to it in your my video's though. This is all from memory from when I had a 360 though so things might have changed now.
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    There are USB hard drives out there with built in wifi - this could also be an option although copying files over wifi is terribly slow.
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    So is WMV the recommended video source for an XBox360? One that will hold a DVD Cover and further information (TAG) information for the video?