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    chesser said:

    PS3 LBP and kids

    Can anyone shed light on this for me or is it me being daft

    Noticed the other day when the kids were playing under my profile that some total stranger had joined them, whilst I kept a close eye on them it did make me feel uncomfortable so I thought go through the options and only allow friends abit like the 360, couldn't find anything, the wife is really twitchy about this kind of stuff so i guess the question is how can I block everyone apart from friends? or can I make the game play in a "standalone mode"?

    Thanks in advance

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    the game gives the option on each world as play online
    or play alone
    my kids play all the time
    i have not looked into the freinds & family side of things...
    i will now.
    only option for the moment if the wife is that twitchy...
    disconect ps3 from the net till you get a better idea...