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    Question Camcorders

    Looking to get one in the sales

    Can anyone recommend a model or list out what I should be looking for?


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    picked up a jvc 40gb hdd for about 250 notes well pleased with it, i wouldn't bother with anything that takes memory cards or discs to be honest with it you get about 30-40 hours of recording before you need to upload and its piss easy to use

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    you can get this which looks mint hdd and blu-ray

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    Ive been thinking abo9ut one of these too................. I like the idea of the Panasonic HD ones from the advert on TV.

    Ill do some research this week and get back to you with my findings!
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    I did most of my major research in July of this year and the clear winner in my price bracket (< 500) was the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Its takes SHDC memory cards and shoots in High Definition (AVCHD). Because it has no moving parts (apart from the zoom motor) its incredibly small (size of a coke can) and light and you get at least an hour of real use off the standard capacity battery. In terms of picture quality, its supurb, there is very little motion blur, the image is sharp and bright and the zoom autofocus is near instant... it certainly belies its minute dimensions.

    I bought the NTSC version from a trip to the states and paid about 370 (in the good old days of the ), however with a bit of shopping around here you could probably get it for around 450. The Canon HF10 is identical to the HF100 except that it has 16GB of onboard memory as well as the memory card slot. Personally I couldn't see the point in paying an extra 150 for 16GB of onboard memory, given the price of SDHC memory cards.

    One point worth making is that you will need a beefy PC to process the AVCHD files, I've got a shitty old P4 3.00GHz and it processes in about 1/4 real time so a 10 min clip will take about 40 mins to render and convert to AVI. So I just create automated workflows that churn through the stuff whilst I'm asleep.
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