Brian Paddick leaves 'Celeb' jungle

Monday, December 1 2008, 22:04 GMT
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Brian Paddick has become the sixth contestant to be voted off I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!.

The former police officer received the least amount of support from the public and follows Robert Kilroy-Silk, Carly Zucker, Dani Behr, Timmy Mallett and Esther Rantzen off the show.

Speaking after his eviction, Brian told Ant and Dec that he entered the jungle in order to do something "trivial" after his career in law enforcement and politics.

He added that he found his time on the show "hard work", saying: "It gets particularly tedious if you don't get a trial or a Celebrity Chest to do. Even the conversations repeated themselves after a while because we ran out of things to say."

Brian said that he wants singer Simon Webbe to win the competition because he is "so talented" and "such a good guy".

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