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    I changed my speedo cluster today (upgraded from the crappy standard with only speedo and fuel gauge to one with revometer and temp)

    I know to get rid of this flashing the car should be proxy aligned but i was wondering could i just reprogram a chip on the new cluster to "pair" it up to my car with the correct mileage? or maybe just swap the eeprom

    If not anyone know a good place to get it proxy aligned in kent and not FIAT!
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    the dash needs to be coded in as the vin number off the doner car will be on the dash you fitted so as your ecu will not recognise the vin number in your new dash then the mileage flashes! it needs to go to fiat to be recoded in! depending on what year the car is to whether you can swap the emprom or the data from your original dash! this car be done via anyone who has an up to data say dashfixer dashpro or alike! another way would be to load up both datasets from the dashes and manually adjusting the vin numbers!
    gud luck m8
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    Hi their,

    I messed up my dash (mileage) while jump starting my car. I found a company online fixmymileage.com and they were a great help, I'm not clued up with car electronics. My car is a Citeron C1 but they seemed to sort to sort it out for me. I hope this helps.