Hi guys

I have seen the post at the top of the forum but as it's from 2004, and neither the link or the picture work. I was not sure if it was still relevant or applicable.

I, for a few years have been doing decodes as a part time business, not a huge amount maybe 5 or so a week, but I don't advertise, most of them come via the car repair workshop downstairs from me.

I run a small business that does several different things but our core is building test assemblies for military and aviation looms.

I have (for as long as I can remember) always removed the eproms, read the dump and decoded using one of the many tools around . and hey presto jobs done, mostly from OEM units such as Vauxall, Renault etc.

In the workshop I use JBC hot air rework gear so it's hardly a mission to pull the chips, the downside is that I have to turn away the likes of Delco CDR units as I don't have a programmer to read the TMS370 and quite a few of the more modern (non OEM) units. (I'm turning away more than I do at the moment)

So I would like to know does the deal in the sticky still apply, and if not where would be a good place to look for equipment to make my life easier. Also do I still have to pull the chips or can most of them be read in circuit ??

Many Thanks In advance