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    hi guys ,i have a 51 plate focus zetec ,only have one key ,brought another off ebay ,a 3 button remote key, had it cut,and programed the central locking ,but i cannot program the immobliser ,with only one key, you need 2 keys ,does any one know a way round this ,i have rung up fords they want 95 to do it ,some car locksmiths want between 70 and 90 to do it ,
    so any help much appriciated ,or any one know some one in hertforshire who can do it a lot cheeper for me
    thank you
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    Only usefull page i can find is this on m8

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    Think im right in saying a 51 plate uses the newer transponder which can not be prog'ed with out diagnostic equip regardless of the number of keys you have