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    cozzy said:

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    i know these r out of date but was using mine for media great stuff
    anyway i had mine chipped (DuoX)
    but i got a second and thought i would soft mod the chipped one
    with one of the auto install disks and move the chip too the second
    instead of going through the normal soft mod route
    but it messed up during flashing and now the mod chip seems to be
    blank/corrupt as xbox wont boot and has error message

    my question is what to do now? can the chip b easy reflashed with cromwell
    or should i just buy a new mod chip?
    can an1 recomed a cheap supplier of xmob or chips

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    tronads said:

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    I would have thought it more likely just files missing from the hard drive rather than the duo-x2. Can you be more specific on the error message ?
    What happens if you put the chip on the 2nd un-modded machine ?
    If the error message is on the 2nd machine, have you fitted it correctly (1.6 ? bank switch correct ?)