For about 6 months now, download speed has been up and down like a ho's draws, residing at 130kb/s mostly. Its supposed to be on an 8 mb line, but being about 3miles from the exchange, I dont expect that.

They did things when i complained prev and things briefly went to a magical 2mb, once even 3.5mb, now its back to little better than dial up region (122kb).

Lately I took the front off the master skt, went in through the test skt, and used a netgear dg834 , the DSL link speed router to exchange is consistently 2-4mb.

However from the london node brings in a speed of 130kb.The suggested I turn off my AVG antivirus, I did, it had no effect.

If my pc to router is 100mb and the router to exchange is 2/4mb, then can I assume that the data holdup is in their equipment / rented BT lines from the exchange onto their network?

The tech spt bods keep telling me that my line keeps dropping out and that is pulling the connection speed down. I think that they are spinning me a pile of crap, why would my local connection have any bearing on my speed from the outside world causing it to latch at that speed, now that my DSL speed is reinstated back to the realms of the megabits.

Unless they do it for traffic shaping reasons, so that they can get away with giving me a poorer service for my 17.99 and flog my bandwidth to someone else.


Anyway , to echo my question, does the router diagnostic DSL speed of 3772kb mean that I have a perfectly functioning local house to exchange speed? therefore putting the fault within their network?

Thanks for anything offered