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    MANNY PACQUIAO has set his sights on Ricky Hatton after destroying Oscar De La Hoya.

    The Filipino ace was superb in Las Vegas to stop the once-mighty Golden Boy in their welterweight showdown.
    De la Hoya refused to come out of his corner after the eighth round.
    And after the technical knockout, Pacquiao wants to take on British star Hatton at light-welterweight.
    He said: "My job is to fight in the ring, that's the promoter's job.
    "I can fight any time, anywhere. I can go to England to fight Hatton, no problem."
    Promoter Bob Arum added: "Why not, but tonight and until the New Year it's celebration time for all the Filipinos.
    "After that we'll sit down, we'll talk, that's probably the most logical fight to be made - Manny against Ricky Hatton at 140lbs. Because obviously Manny would want to fight at 140 and so would Ricky.
    "That's probably No1 on the drawing board. But let the kid have a great Christmas and New Year, and then we'll sit down to business."
    Pacquiao left De La Hoya battered and bruised after stunning performance.
    Hatton watched on from ringside and revealed his disappointment at the one-sided bout which left De La Hoya's career in tatters.
    He said: "I'm a little bit sick because sometimes you see some of your heroes, so many great fighters, end their careers in that manner but thankfully he is OK.
    "He's such a great champion, such a role model for the game and it wasn't really nice to see that but credit to Manny Pacquiao - outstanding, pound-for-pound No1.
    "I want to fight the best people in the world, I want to win world titles, I want to move up and down the weight divisions and I've done that and I feel very blessed that I'm in a position to fight Manny Pacquiao - he was outstanding."
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    I think Pacquiao would hammer Hatton on that performance.
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    He was effing awesome, Pacquiao was just waaay too fast for Hoya who never looked comfortable in the fight. That was mainly due to Pacquaio not letting him fight and totally caved the left side of de la hoyas face. On a downside, this looked like the last match of Hoyas career which lets be honest has been one of the greatest fighters of all time...

    I too worry for Hatton
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    i think hatton would beat him at 140, perfect style to beat pac man. i was in awe last night from 108 up to 147 is unbelievable.
    de la hoya look gaunt and weak. 2 pounds lighter than pac man was a big mistake!!
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    Well here an HBO tribute to Golden Boy!

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    I hope mayweather comes out of retirement for pacquiao. I think pacman could beat him if he fights another fight like that