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    I Black Belt said:

    Rant Fortnum and Masons

    i was in London at the weekend - Wedding anniversary.

    Popped into Fornum and Masons for a nose about - Fuck me.

    6 Christmas crackers Cost: 500 - yes 500.
    A hairbrush that looked like something from accessorise 2000
    A teacosy - 135 - For a teacosy.

    And it was absolutely fucking rammed in there.
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    mik25 said:

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    yes you can definitely pick up bargains atm if you look around..
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    LOL just been reading this

    ASDA is taking on Britain’s most expensive Christmas hamper—costing 25,000— with a version for 9.91.

    The supermarket and Fortnum and Mason have both included every festive treat in their models.

    Admittedly F&M, of Piccadilly, delivers its “Snow Queen” hamper free within the M25 by horse and carriage. While Asda charges an extra 5 for the basket—and you have to wrap the goodies yourself.

    Fortnum & Mason’s contains a magnum of vintage Chateau Margaux (750) and three litres of vodka from the Steppe of Kazakhstan (140). Asda’s has a “very drinkable” cabernet sauvignon, at just 2.98.

    Padding out the Snow Queen is almost two kilos of beluga caviar (a snip at 15,000) and cocktail blinis to serve it on.

    Asda’s has own-brand stilton and a pack of garlic crackers for 2.27.

    Fortnum & Mason said its hamper was a very lavish gift for a select clientele

    CHEAP AS CHIPS: Asda alternative

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    god I would love to deliver 1 & drop it on the doorstep