This week we added our first batch of tutorials, and I feel we are off to a great start.* But with all upcoming websites, there are those nasty little bugs that need working out.* I wanted to go ahead and mention a few that I have noticed, but would also like anyone to tell me others that they have seen and I will get working on fixing them.


Yes, they look like crap.* Sometimes the names are aligned left, and sometimes they are centered.* I am unsure of why that is happening right now, but will be fixing that issue.* The initial problem was, when I designed the template I forgot all together to make room for a users name and date it was posted.* It just had the user icon and the message (doh!).* But hopefully here in the next week we will have al of this worked out.


I bet your expecting me to list our a page full of bugs on IE, but your wrong.* There really aren’t too many (from what I can see).* The only major thing is how the ‘pages’ are set up.* When I say ‘pages’, I am refering to the ‘about’ and ‘contact’ page.* The sidebar slides down under the content to the left.* I will have that issue fixed out in no time.

Thanks for Reading

And for reading this, if you have a website and have a 125×125 advertisement, i’ll go ahead and put it up for free to the first couple people that send me their information to matt[at]* Depending on how friendly i’m feeling, I may leave it up for while.* I really don’t plan on making money on this site, just enough to keep it running because this is something I enjoy to do

Remember, if you notice any bugs that I have not mentioned here, please tell me in the comments so I can fix them promptly.