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    Info "Bargain" CF Tripod - Giottos MTL8361B


    Could have posted this on in Biggy's as well, but thought it to be more appropriate here in the Photography Hardware section.

    Anyone looking for a very reasonable priced carbon fiber tripod may wish to have a look here:

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    This is a Giottos MTL8361B Carbon Fiber Tripod priced at 127.22 at the time I write this. I have had a look at other and price comparison sites and seen this one never under 180 - 200. So I'm guessing this is a pricing error on their behalf.

    More info about this tripod can be found here:

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    Update: If exchangable feet for a tripod is essential, then this is not the one to go for, the above is actually the MTL8361B and not the MT8361B. The MTL series has got lever locks on the legs, the MT series sports screw lock and you can change the feet for different terrains. On the MTL8361B this is not possible in the moment (Giottos will be updating the MTL range with this feature in the near future).
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