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    DejaVu said:

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    I've been using Newsgroups for a while now, but recently it's become pretty rubbish.

    I'm using VM with a Newshosting (NHXL) account.
    But cannot seem to get a steady connection. Flittering on ad off at about 150Kb/sec (tops).

    Does anyone know if VM have limited or are blocking this service lately?
    Or whether it'd be my account at NH?

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    burner1 said:

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    It's worth rebooting your modem and router mate (If you have one). I've had problems with slow loads/DL's etc. that seem to flush themselves out after a power cycle.
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    kracken said:

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    try a *free* 3 day/10GB trial account from giganews and see if the problem is the same.

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    (remember to cancel tho before your trial is up)