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    Wii Fixing a Wii?

    Can anyone here recommend someone who can fix Wii's? A friend of mine has one with an external chip that has a loose wire, but doesn't have the equipment to get into a Wii! He thinks its a simple soldering job but who knows. Anyone help? Obviously any costs will be covered this end.
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    I've fixed and modded loads of wii's

    live in west london if that's any help to you
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    yes its a simple job, if you're competent with a soldering iron.
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    its prob a winja on a external chip holder prob a D2A or D2B chipset piece of piss to solder but really get a wii-key cheap or a newer chip.put hi serial number in [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] find out what chip set it has and what chip he has?,there a sticky about chips in this forum. need some more info really..Rob