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    Does anyone here work for an Apple Service Provider, or atleast know if there's any common faults on the new MacBook range?

    I work for a Service Provider myself and we always get excited when new machines are released as they generally come with common faults that need rectifying, meaning an influx of new customers.

    However, with the latest releases, there's been absolutely nothing come through the doors.

    I've been doing a little bit of research and came across blogs of reports with the trackpad being faulty, but as yet we still haven't even seen a machine never mind repaired one.

    Whether this is because the new ones don't carry any of the design flaws that previous models did, or the credit crunch has stopped people from splashing out, or whether people just aren't buying them, i don't know..
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    Hi mate,

    i work for applecare tech support, we get calls on these machines quite a bit, but it is 90% software issues.

    The only time i have needed to refer a customer to an service provider is when there has been accidental damage on the mac.

    A lot of the firmware updates released last week seemed to solve a lot of the issues reported with the new macbook's

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    Hmm, good news for Mac owners, but bad news for us service providers then!

    We deal with most of the large retail outlets in the area, but everything thats coming through from them is old equipment too. Here's hoping that a major design flaw is uncovered soon..