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    Went to the Nikon Expo the other day and got a few shots of the 'shows' and displays ,bearing in mind this was the wave of togs there

    I have taken a lot of pictures ,due to the amount of time i have ive only slicked through a few of them and took the easiest processed ones .

    This was the start of a 'mock' wedding ,which tbh was pretty boring apart from the model ,she was very quick to turn and pose ,obviously through experience ,and very photogenic as well

    this was basically a light test i done n a static object

    Finally i have a few of a chinese lady dancing with different coloured silks ,now i shot most of these over my head ,i.e. papparatzi style lol ,too many tall togs infront of me ,and they were taken wth a 70-200 mm ,so the camera was pretty heavy.

    I would say next time it comes to town ,its worth popping your head round the corner to have a look see .
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    Eddie, missed this thread so I'll throw some comments up for you.

    No 1 - More a shot to show the competition so not much to comment on except needs a straighten.

    No 2 - Technically the best shot of the set. Nice even exposure and the composition works, good eye contact. It looks very slightly soft but that may be the dreaded upload bug.

    No 3 - Not sure why the flowers were left on the edge of the white paper but I guess the lighting is good if that was the main aim.

    No 4 - Compositionally, this is the best shot however it needs a crop off the top. The black space above her head serves no purpose as the shot is circular by design and leads your eye around her. The space above just serves as a distraction. The WB is also off, needs the tint corrected towards the green hue (too magenta).

    No 5 - Crop a little off the top and bottom, adjust the WB hue away from green a little, and this will work well.

    No 6 - WB looks spot on, space on the left works well although I'd be tempted to crop a little off the right. The exposure is a little uneven where the flash has lit up more from the bottom half, but a curves adjustment will sort that.