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    Wow, congratulations Luc Besson! You managed to be involved in the movie which for me must be the worst I've seen in 2008.

    Dreadful just dreadful, shit action, speed-up action scenes, shit dialogue (when you actually could understand something the Ukrainian prostitute-alike said).

    I feel sorry for Jason, and T-Bag, can't do many of these or you'll quickly find yourself in a reality TV show on MTV.

    “If I asked you to have sex with me, would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question?”

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    Thanks mate, I was going to watch this later. Don't think I'll bother now..........
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    Although I wouldnt say that any of them we good films, this was the worst of the 3. It did hold our attention but it has been done better. There is a lot of body shots of Statham so I think this is more for the ladies... hence why the action junkies out there will not like it...
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    i enjoyed the first 2 but this was pretty poor what was the need for the speed up sequences in the fights .its just the same old same old he has to deliver a package it just so happens its a girl again falls far here has his way with her .. poor script poor all round which is a great shame