FS/FT Cooler Master computer case (Mutts Nuts)

Thread: FS/FT Cooler Master computer case (Mutts Nuts)

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    Selling FS/FT Cooler Master computer case (Mutts Nuts)

    I have for sale a Cooler Master Cosmos case.

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    It is very large and can EASILY take 6 HDD 5 DVD driver or more HDD if you get some converters. It has more fans than the Beatles but runs quiet and you can not switch them on, there are also filters over all of the fans and vents to stop it getting full of crap.

    It is HEAVY, not needed anymore as i changed to an iMac about 3 months after i got it.

    I do not have the box but could probably ship if you are happy to pay the cost.

    It currently has and Antec Fusion SU380 W PSU in it that can stay in as i have no use for it.

    Looking for about 90 for it +postage if you cannot come and collect it from Huddersfield. I would offer to meet up halfway but the wife is due to drop any minute so cannot risk getting to far from home.

    Will also trade for a
    PS3 + cash
    Nintendo DS
    or possibly something else...!!!!

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    Open to offers trades and bribes on this...!!!!