The PS3 Piss-on Vodka Recipe

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    Shit The PS3 Piss-on Vodka Recipe

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    here is the recipe

    Quote Originally Posted by my slightly mad cousin
    Vodka - You make a brew of turbo yeast water and a serious about of sugar!. This ends up at about 18 - 20% by volume.

    Run the 20% mash through a homemade still

    Clear with activated carbon (then i second filter it through my wine filter)

    Hey presto 40% (ish) vodka

    Run through still again for 50% (ish) vodka if required.
    Disclaimer: If you try this and die or go blind - or piss on your PS3 - I'm not responsible. Blame Beerman for asking for the recipe in the first place
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    It's easy enough to do properly - methanol (the stuff you don't want) has a boiling point of 64.7 (celcius) and ethanol (what you do want) has a boiling point of 78.1 celcius. Heat mix to 65 degrees for a few minutes to remove methanol content (and let run off) and then heat to 79 degrees to get the ethanol. Can't remember the % quantities of each that you're likely to get after fermentation (will obviously vary slightly) but am sure google will help - just make sure you remove more than what you think you need to before trying to extract the ethanol.

    BTW I hope this isn't for drinking, but for use in home medicine type stuff as drinking it wouldn't be 100% legit