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    I am struggling to get a good routine together for these muscle groups could anyone give me some advise.

    for my back i have been doing wide grip pull ups and siting down rows. for my shoulders just the shoulder press.. and abs just weighted sits ups. I would like a few more ideas. I seem to neglect these.

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    Hey man,

    For back - i do the exercises you do, but also Lat pull downs and I also do bent over dumbell rows. For shoulder maybe you should start doing some lateral dumbell raises, and maybe add in some Shrugs for your Traps. Abs - there are numerous exercises you can do - I always try and work the obliques a fair amount.

    This website is pretty good for specific exercises - and you can can tailor your work out based on the muscles you want to stress.

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    That website is very good mate thanks.. some good obliques excercises in there
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    For back?

    Well first and foremost has got to be the deadlift mate. No need to go heavy until you've mastered the movement but a great back exercise and what I call a "foundation" movement.

    Dorsal raises on a Swiss ball or bench for your lower back.

    For your rear delts try holding a dumbell in each hand, bending over forwards from the hips and when your upper body is horizontal this is your start position. Hold the weights together with your arms fully extended (so the weights are hanging above the floor). Then simultaneously pull the weights apart (directly to your left and right) to the top of the movement so your upper arms are level with your shoulders (or just past). The key "feeling" you should be getting is the squeeze in your rear delts (around your shoulder blade area). As you learn the movemetnt you can alter the angle at which you bend over to hit the muscle group from different angles which is always good. It can be done seated too which is a Reverse Fly.

    For mid-back, load up the weight on one end only of the barbell, anchor the other unweighted end (or get someone to stand on it). Stand above (with your feet shoulder width apart) the weighted end with the length of the bar stretching out behind you. Again bend from the hips and grasp the bar with both hands just INSIDE the weights. Keeping slightly bent knees ("soft knees") pull the bar up and into your lower chest/mid section. This is the finish position, then as you inhale again, lower it to "arms hanging" length, then repeat. Add weight as you gain confidence in the movement.

    As Unconnected has said rows are good; Bent over rows with either a barbell or dumbells, also One Armed Rows with single dumbells are good but make sure you keep a nice tight position and don't swing too much. I always picture the stance of a Silverback Gorilla for my position when doing one armed row.

    Shoulders: Well you've got Military press which is standing with either barbell or dumbells, Side Raises (for side delts) which means raising your arms to the sides with a dumbell in each hand but remember to keep your elbows high. Front raises (for your front delts) which means lifting both dumbells simultaneously in front of you to about forehead height. Upright rows where you lift the barbell or dumbells in front of you to shoulder height with bent arms as you stand up straight.

    It's so hard to explain these in words so have a look here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]