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    Hi Everyone

    Nice to get in, eventually!! Us "old folks" and computers-Darn new fangled gadgets.!!

    Anyway, I'm a professional firefighter (29 years in) - hence snappy username!!
    I like, rugby, boxing, archery, horse racing, whisky and of course, women wrestling!!!
    Found this site looking for a car radio decode so I'm going to post that in a minute, but it looks like there are loads of useful topics so I'll probably be in from time to time.
    Just noticed the photography section - Mrs. Hose is a professional photographer so she will probably have a nose round in there.

    Thanks for having me

    Ta Ta for now

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    nice intro m8......welcome to df and hope to see you (and the mrs) around df from time to time..
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    Why does "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean
    the same thing?
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    This is one of the best intro ive seen in a few weeks

    welcome in matey

    can you have a peek at the DF rules when you can
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    welcome to DF