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    cronus71 said:

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    An OK movie, which suffers greatly of predictability.
    If Smith wasn't in this movie I would give it a 4.

    I don't see how the story gives much to the viewer to take away after seeing the movie, though I have to say, if at the end of this movie your chin isn't shaking a bit like Charles Ingalls's did, then you are not human.
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    Welsh Pete said:

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    Saw this last night. Must admit that I was suprised. I had no idea what to expect but it was very good.

    Must agree with Cronus in that it was a bit predictable but nevertheless, I like this sorta film so an 8 it`ll have.
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    neo2810 said:

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    Although you have an idea of where the film is going, there are enough "mysteries" revealed throughout the film to keep you interested. There is no big twist, just a nicely paced film which jerks at the tear strings towards the end.

    Smith's acting in this film is top notch, and he's finally managed to rid himself of the comedy action hero stigma which he started to remove with his outstanding (Oscar nominated) performance in "The Pursuit of Happyness".

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and by the end of it was a bit of an emotional wreck, which isn't really like me.
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    lucky1 said:

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    I have to admit i was sceptical about this movie but was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it .
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    Cracker said:

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    Watched this not knowing what to expect.

    The first 20-30 minutes were very confusing, but after a while I began to work out what was happening. As others have said it is fairly easy to predict what was going to happen in the film, although there are a few surprises.

    Really enjoyed Smith's performance.
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    SiE said:

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    Did not like this film very much really. It was very predictable (had it sussed in the first half hour) and it had long sections which were extremely boring.

    Even the missus didnt think much of it and she is a massive Will Smith fan.
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    mohawk said:

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    not bad typical will smyth movie
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    darkstar said:

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    a bit slow and i also had it sused in the first 20 mins will smith gave a good performance but was far from a tear jerker to me
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    dannoble82 said:

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    i thought it was ok ... personally i found it confusing to start off with then became obvious... 6.5/10
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    4me2 said:

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    Most boring film I've seen in a long time.
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