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    pmg68 said:

    Help TomTom One problem

    Long story, but I've run a factory reset on a TomTom One v2 and now it wont work... TomTom Home starts up when I connect it to the PC, and the TomTom has a picture of it on a cable, but TomTom Home doesn't give me the option of looking at the device (Tabs greyed out) and nothing shows on the SD card in windows explorer, although clicking properties shows the card has 190mb used space.

    Been messing around with it for a couple of hours now and its driving me mad.... Whats wrong with it and how do I fix it?...

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    koola2 said:

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    Do you have spare SD card?

    If so but that in the Tom Tom and run under home, hopefully this will load the software for you. Otherwise you should be able to Google and find a dump of an SD card with instructions.
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    stewilky said:

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    Have you run a backup of your original sd card?
    If so just reformat and load the card with the original files.
    Like koola2 says you should be able to find TT1 V2 files from the net.
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    pmg68 said:

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    It was the wife's, but she was given a flash new one by her boss, so I nabbed it.

    Not wanting all the crap and history on it, I pressed factory reset thinking it would be ready to run and clean, but it stopped working altogether. Needless to say, I didn't backup the SD card, and it wont connect to TTHome 2.5 at all, even though TTHome starts when I plug the TT in.

    Far too much info out there for me to make sense of, just getting more and more confused.

    found a copy of TTdONE_noVOC and unrar'd it directly to a spare formatted SD card. TT fires up as far as the splash screen then freezes and I have to use the reset button to turn it off.

    Don't know what else to do, totally lost.
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    Now the the update my one option in Home.
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    i have just had the same probs with mine i acidently removed card and corupted it had to format and install back up

    can email you backup if you wish

    tom tom v2 gb/ europe not sure if my backup will work on yours maybe someone else knows.i think it will
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    you should be able to load navcore 8.3 on it. not sure if there are link here, but ip-mart forums will have them.

    load up the files on your card with a new map, run the keygen and that should sort it.