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    Left this in storage fowr a few month's as I was quite happy with my old N73,the N96 was working fine before I put it away but went to plug it in to charge it onlt to find it's completly dead,no sign's of battery charge light's nothing,done the usual remove battery etc but it's not having it,not sure what else to do but to take it to a authorised repair centre,would it be a problem as I had bought it from ebay from a genuine seller?
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    Left in storage??? It's a phone for fuck sake!!!

    I hope you removed the battery when you did this......
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    sanj said:

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    I could'nt be arsed to use it as my N73 was doing a good job,and yeah the battery was not removed while it was'nt used,is this what had caused it to not work?
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    if you left on charge after putting back together and still nothing then it sounds like battery is goosed sometimes they need to be left on a while before springing back to life !!

    Next stop a service centre who will sort it out, worth checking charger as well