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    Question Blackberry Curve 8900

    I currently use a N95 and am really happy with it but am looking to get a new contract in the next 2 weeks and thinking about getting a Blackberry after years and years of owning and using symbian Nokia's.

    Never owned/used a Blackberry before so wondering what people's opinions are or if anyone has the Curve 8900.

    Wish the Curve 8900 was 3G but really don't fancy the Bold as it's just a little too big. Not going to bother with the Storm since I would rather have a physical keyboard than a touch screen one.

    Also I've noticed a lack of cracked apps for the Blackberry or am I just not looking in the right places?
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    Just a quick update on this. I got my Blackberry Curve 8900 on O2 and I love it. Never used or owned a blackberry before but after a half hour of fannying around with it it's a piece of piss. The operating system is easy to navigate around and the phone is fast too. The push email system is dead easy to set up and i had mine fully configured and up and running in a few minutes.

    The phone looks gorgeous and looks similar to the Blackberry bold but smaller in size, the display is real nice and clear too.

    If you're into symbian apps then you're probably best sticking with a Nokia. I used to install all kinds of stuff on my N95 but being honest I probably only used about 10% of them so the lack of apps isn't too much of an issue. I only wish the Blackberry had a built-in internet calls/VOIP facility as it would have been great to use that especially since I have an unlimited data package although there is a beta of truphone out. the lack of 3G isn't an issue as I thought it might have been.

    I've not just popped a PAYG sim into my N95 and that is my voip/spare phone now.
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    OK any Blackberry users on here? PM your PIN so I can message ya! *L*