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    Im not sure what to make of this. It doesnt focus on the violence that has been the main part of previous hooli films (Green Street etc) but tries to focus more on him and his family.

    Very similar story to Rise of the Foot soldier.

    Having not read the book this seems to me to be a rushed/compressed version so it is missing alot out.

    It was ok....
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    I watched this the other day. The film itself is OK (nothing special) but I thought most of the acting was very wooden. The girl who plays Elaine Pennant was shit imo, brought nothing to the film and needs to go back to stage school before getting involved in another film. Cass annoyed me with his constant sniffing, wtf was that about, get a tissue you cunt?
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    i also watched the other day ( i should have watched loose women instead ) the film is poor from start to finish.and its same faces you always see in the football films getting a wee bit boring now would not reconmend
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    What exactly was it about Cass Pennant's life that merited a film to be made about it? Violent kid from rough place grows up to be a violent adult in a rough place? I've been told that he's a nice enough bloke and a relatively smart geezer but a biopic of his life?? People need to pack this garbage in...

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