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    Attention blackberry storm unlocking

    anyone know if they came be unlocked chaps.

    also a some of you know i had a blackberry storm and its poo so i got the x1 as a replacemnet-thing is they never picked the blackberry up and this morning they even credited my account with 97 quid?.if i turn the blackberry on-will it sort of auto connect to voda so they know i got it?

    i,ve called them and they said it was owed to me-i checked my bank and voda neva once took money out my account so happy days for me.

    i asked if the account was closed and nothing outstanding and they said no --we had the blackberry back we had the x1 back so no ur account is closed and we paid 97 in ur account.double happy days.

    haha sorted --cheers guns
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