PS2 Joypad needed!

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    Bensons said:

    Wanted PS2 Joypad needed!

    My PS2 pad (that I use for all my emulators and stuff on the computer) broke last night in the middle of a game of Street Fighter. VERY gutted!

    Thing is, I'm totaly on my arse at the moment- even had to borrow some cash to finish my Christmas shopping, so I was wondering if any DFers out there have got a spare one floating about that they'd like to either donate orswap for something that I might have floating about? Dunno what like, just looking through my bedroom drawers, um, my old slot 2 EZ-Flash IV? A dongle for online DS play? My ace mini slinkey? Box of Pro Plus? Compressed air horn? A selection from my extensive porno library? A little metal box with a mini hip flask and a miniature of Bells whiskey? (I drank the Bells but you could just replace that Make a nice stocking filler)

    As you can probably tell, I'm pretty desperate to get hold of another PS2 pad- I've had the flu for nearly a week and my only joy has come from MAME, nestopia, ePSXe, zSNES, gens+...

    Help a brother out?

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    bobo06 said:

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    i might have one lying about but im in my mums for christmas and wont be going home for about a week but if i have one its yours free of charge
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    Bensons said:

    Default Re: PS2 Joypad needed!

    You're a superstar my friend, let me know.

    My friggin' family has decided that it's best I don't go back home and give my flu to all the kids, so looks like I'm spending Christmas day down the pub or something with the other lonely sods crying into their pints.

    I refuse to sit here and find other friendless online Christmas people, I'll crawl to the local and do me best to feel superior to the pint criers.

    Cheers again bobo!

    You're an absolute superstar mate!!!
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