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    MoNkFiSh said:

    XXX Help For n00b Flashing PSP

    Hope someone can give me a few quick pointers - its 3 days till xmas and my mate has just asked if I can sort out his sons PSP for him (its gonna be his xmas pressie) its the white model fat version and has firmware 3.71 on it - do I need to make a pandoras battery (haven't got time to buy one in and I have spare battery) if so is there a decent guide somewhere that can take me through it

    I haven't hacked a psp since the very first ones came out and it seems the scene has changed quite dramatically while I`ve been away!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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    bugnote said:

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    i could also do with some help on this one, same scenario for me too...

    I can;t seem to find an idiots guide anywhere? only the usual dark alex custom firmwares, which aren't anygood on new psp (are they?)