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    Film Thundercats movie trailer (Fan-made)

    After Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Transformers, and tones of other superhero movies, now we will have an addition to it as Thundercats movie in the works. The movie will be entirely CGI and directed by a video game designer.

    But what you'll see here is a fake trailer for Thundercats movie made by cutting together footage from masterpieces such as The Chronicles Of Riddick, Troy, X-Men 2, Spy Kids and Farscape.

    The movie featuring:

    • Brad Pitt as Lion-O
    • Vin Diesel as Panthro
    • Gigi Edgley as Cheetara
    • Hugh Jackman as Tygra
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    Since Thundercats was a popular '80s cartoon, making a live action trailer for a live action Thundercats movie would be very hard to do.

    The San Francisco based Wormy TV took over a year to take clips from old movies, edit them in Adobe Premiere, and add special effect via Photoshop.

    The biggest effect is in taking several movie stars and turning them into manimals, by just putting CGI makeup on them during clips of their old films.

    Here is the original intro from the 80's cartoon ....

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    Class mate wonder if the film will ever be made

    Just noticed on IMDB states 2010 is year of release
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