Japanese Wii, sd problems.

Thread: Japanese Wii, sd problems.

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    Wii Japanese Wii, sd problems.

    I'm having a problem that is starting to drive me insane and its down to getting the Wii to read from a selection of sd cards.

    I have been trying to get the wii to read the twilight hack but the problem is that it will not acknowledge any sd cards in the memory manager. I've formatted countless times, tried different brands of sd cards (class 4 as well) standard, mini, micro but no tab comes up on the screen I can't see the cards at all. However, when I use the picture viewer program it reads the sd cards without a hitch and displays the pictures no problem.

    The wii has never been on the internet and the most recent game to be used in the wii is Zelda and Dragon Quest swords which are both quite old games.

    I've formatted in vista, I've also used a panasonic sd formater, which makes no difference, but I don't think that is the source of the problem as machine can read pictures from the cards.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers and merry christmas from Japan!

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    Ok got some more info on this...

    It looks like the wii is a pre 2.20 firmware unit, anything before 2.2 had problems with reading/writing to sd cards so I know that I'll have to update the machine.

    So if I put the wii online and update it to the latest version, will I still be able to install the twilight hack?