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    Bottom line I had an R4 card then bought a EZFlash Card transfered the SAV files across no probs, basically down to dealextreme not delivering (gone missing) in transit I had to give my ezflash to a little girl for a xmas pressie , daughter very kind letting it go as I got my hands on another R4 card, problem I have is that the SAV files from ezflash to R4 doesn't work, I have the latest R4 software on there, I have moved them from the SAVES folder into the folder with all the games to no avail, anyone help please my daughter is in bits as she has spent many many hours building these games up, I feel so awful for her, she has just woken up crying in her sleep about it FFS, can't find anything on the net....HELP PLEASE!!!
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    does this do the job? seems to have EZ Flash V to R4 in the options.
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